Are Scarves Still in Style?

Exotic scarves have been around for centuries and enjoyed by men and women in every country.  They are still as popular as ever and there is no better time to explore new designs and ways of wearing them!

Large silk scarf - Pallu Design


When you choose a scarf you love, that has been created from good quality fabric it will last for many, many years and has a timeless elegance. Scarves have never been out of style and have earned their rightful place in your wardrobe!

A decorative, handmade scarf is an easy way to revamp your look and give you a lift without changing your whole outfit. Include one on your trip to the beach or when you go shopping.

Can scarves be trans-seasonal?

Fringed Cotton Indogo scarf - Pallu Design

Any season is good for scarf wearing as they are so versatile! Choose your favourite bright, cheerful colours or pastel shades, traditional exotic designs or plain colours in a tactile fabric that feels great to wear and adds an accent to your look.

Silk scarf - Pallu Design

Wear your scarf as an exotic head wrap (always on trend), bandana, neck scarf, evening stole or sarong. Choose a size that suits your needs – long, short, square or oversized. Remember that most scarves pack down to a small size for travel.

A large scarf in cotton, silk or lightweight wool is very useful as a shawl, sarong or summer top, so it can be used in many climates, while a smaller scarf can add a splash of glorious colour to a plain outfit.   Get a quick change of look with minimal cost, so you need to pack fewer outfits - particularly useful for travel and perfect for snuggling up on train or plane.


Silk sari scarf aqua - Pallu Design

What is the best fabric for a scarf?

Our scarves are made from natural fibres: cotton, silk, hemp and wool, so that they breathe and are gentle on your skin. 

Natural, eco-friendly fabrics are also soft on the environment and leave no footprint when it’s time for them to be re-born. 

An exotic scarf can also become a unique and individual part of your home decor when not being worn!

Recycle, Upcycle 

Silk sari Kantha scarf - Pallu Design

Some of our scarves are upcycled from silk saris and kimonos that are too precious to throw out. They have been carefully pieced and stitched together to bring new life and creative energy to a well loved fabric, creating jobs for many artisans as well as reducing landfill.

See our hand made scarves created with Indigo dye, hand weaving, embroidered details, block prints, hand loomed cotton and silk, Japanese Shibori and Indian bandhani techniques SHOP SCARVES HERE 

Support traditional Artisans

Silk hand woven shawl - Pallu Design

When you wear our scarves you are helping to support the handmade fabric industry, and that is really appreciated by indigo produces, cotton farmers, silk cultivators, embroidery workshops, home weaving workshops, and  NGOs across India, SE Asia and Japan. 
There are artisans creating wonderful textiles for scarves. Make sure that you use colours and designs that you love and resonate with to help you relax or to give you an energetic boost.

See our hand made scarves created with Indigo dye, hand weaving, embroidered details, block prints, hand loomed cotton and silk, Japanese Shibori and Indian bandhani techniques SHOP SCARVES HERE

How do I Wear my Scarf?

Silk Chevron Scarf - Pallu Design

Choose a size and style that you love!  Wear the scarf to keep you warm, color your outfit, as an accessory on your bag, in your hair, or as an exotic turban.  Bigger is better when doubling it as a shawl, sarong or skirt, makeshift dress or bed cover.  It takes up little space, is versatile, looks chic and as a fashion accessory livens up a minimalist wardrobe with a pop of colour, pattern or texture to create a new outfit, essential when packing light!

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Showcasing handmade fabrics to enhance your lifestyle while supporting textile artisans from the villages of the world.

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