hmong hilltribe ladies in sapa vietnam - pallu design
Enjoying time with the Hmong Hilltribe ladies in the mountain village of Sapa - North Vietnam. 

A Lifelong Passion for Traditional Textiles and Ethnic Fabrics

Welcome to Pallu Design, where our shared lifelong passion for vibrant traditional textiles takes centre stage. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of global culture, history, and technique that our fabrics evoke.

I’m Lakshmi. I spin. I stitch. I weave. I craft. I sew. And I share these acquired skills and knowledge. Through our digital marketplace, workshops, and travel experiences, I offer a deep appreciation for the traditions, processes, cultures, designs, and labour involved in creating exquisite handmade fabrics and Indigenous textiles. Join me on this journey.

My husband Sno brings his expertise in fine art, photography and graphic design to capture the essence of our extraordinary experiences. Together, we create a visual narrative that breathes life into our collection. Visit our blog here.

Discover the Essence of Ethnic Fabric and Tribal Design

Embark on an intrepid exploration with us as we travel to the source of our beloved global fabrics. We immerse in the cultural context and unravel the intricate process behind the creation of these traditional textiles.
Over many years, our explorations have led us to remote villages nestled in deserts, snow-peaked mountain ranges across Asia, and enchanting destinations like Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Southeast Asia, Morocco, and Europe. We are welcomed into the homes and creative spaces of traditional artisans and their families, including the Hmong tribes, weavers and dyers in Laos, nomadic Rabari tribes and the block printers of India.
Amongst them, we learn, experiencing their craft, collecting their stories, and forging lifelong friendships.

It is a humbling experience to witness the creativity, organic design, and rich cultural heritage interwoven into the fabrics of everyday life for traditional and tribal communities.

Embrace the Global Marketplace of Tribal Artisans

At Pallu Design, we prioritise collaborating directly with local artisans and craftspeople. Together, we create bespoke pieces, drawing inspiration from local designs or infusing our own artistic vision.
By collecting their textiles to share on our marketplace, we support our global artisans.

Explore our ecommerce platform, join us at local workshops, or visit our markets to delight in the vibrant colours, textures, and designs of our natural fabrics and handmade textiles.

We named our venture 'Pallu' after the intricate and highly decorative end piece of a shawl or Indian sari. Like a protective cover for a woman's head and baby, our fabrics embody beauty, nurture, and functionality.

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We look forward to staying connected,

Lakshmi & Sno

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