hmong hilltribe ladies in sapa vietnam - pallu designEnjoying time with the Hmong Hilltribe ladies in the mountain village of Sapa - North Vietnam. 

Lakshmi and Vishnu - Pallu DesignPallu Design grew out of our life-long passion for vibrantly colourful and traditional textiles, collected from our many travels to Asia, including Turkey and Afghanistan in the 70’s, India, South East Asia, Morocco and Europe.   We are constantly blown away by the creativity, organic designs, traditional motifs and rich culture in the lifestyles of the creators, woven into the fabrics of their everyday lives. These include so many artisans from all over the globe and include the Hmong tribes, weavers and dyers in Laos, nomadic Rabari tribes and all the block printers of India! 

 We chose 'Pallu' as it is the intricate, highly decorative end piece of a shawl or Indian sari, used by a woman as a protective cover for her head and baby - a fabric of beauty, nurture and functionality.


 My name is Lakshmi and I have a lifetime of stitching, spinning, weaving and textile crafting experience and a deep appreciation of the design and labour involved in creating these fabrics.   My husband Sno’s background in art, photography and graphic design equips him well to capture the moods and moments of the unique situations we find ourselves in.

 These days (pre-Covid-19) we get to travel to the source of the exceptional hand made fabrics we love, to explore the details of how they are designed, made and worn.  Our journeys have taken us to far flung towns and villages in deserts and mountains, where we have met the most beautiful creative artisans and their families. 

 We work closely with local craftspeople wherever possible, acknowledging their skills and exquisite local fabrics to create individualised pieces made either with their designs or our own and emphasising a high quality finish.  We feel that the best way to support the artisans is to collect their craft and make it available for you to enjoy.    While interacting with the villagers as much as possible we are able to capture photos and stories that we bring to our website blog so that you can share our experiences. 

 We presently share our time between Cairns and India, South East Asia and Europe.  We invite you to share this wealth of color and traditional design as you indulge your love of natural fabrics and handmade designs from Pallu Design.

 By your appreciation and enjoyment of cultural textile arts, you are ensuring the continued appreciation of these traditions! 

 Lakshmi and Sno

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