What is so attractive about handmade bags?

A good bag needs to hold your 'stuff’ without compromising your style. Bags should be practical - we need them, especially now as single use plastic bags are being phased out.

We use them for all sorts of things and they must feel right for us - some of us are very particular about our bags!

We usually know what we want and whether the bag is going to be practical and strong enough for its purpose, so things like size, durability and versatility are important when choosing a new one, but there is more to it than that.

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We use them daily for going shopping, to the gym or yoga, beach walks, out for lunch or a party, to class, going to work or for travelling and more!  You are only limited by your imagination...

A tote bag is big and roomy enough to hold loads of useful stuff in one place. You can fit everything that you will need for a day at the beach or at work and even use them for collapsible home storage.

Crossbody bags are many people’s favourite type of bags because they leave your hands free. 

Hemp and indigo crossbody bag - Pallu Design

Not too big and not too small, they are just the right size for that quick trip to the shops, out for a walk, grabbing a coffee with friends and perfect as a secure travel bag for your passport etc. now that the borders are opening.

 Clutch Bags, large and small are perfect for a zesty touch of colour and texture, can complement your outfit or highlight some exotic passion and are big enough to hold your phone, wallet, keys and these days for your spare mask and hand sanitiser.

Your bag should make you feel good and express your personality.  Embrace your nomadic self and lift your spirits with a colourful handmade bag - stand out in the crowd with cool bohemian vibes!

Rabari Patch Bag - Pallu Design

You can experience the joy of beautiful handwoven fabrics and artistic textile treasures when you go about your daily life.

It is the small things in the day that can enhance our mood, or remind us of a special place, holiday or time. 

  At Pallu Design we collaborate with local artisans to bring you their exquisite fabrics by creating fun bags for your lifestyle. 

We bring exotic flavour into the life of bags with vibrant and authentic upcycled fabrics, colours and textures, taking you back to their origins in exotic global markets and bazaars.

Good for the global environment  - Have you thought about who makes the fabrics you use in your life? 

Our bags are high-quality, long lasting and well-made using traditional, eco friendly and authentic fabrics that we have carefully hand selected from across the globe. In this way we help to support the artisans who create them.

Hemp embroidered crossbody bags - Pallu Design

We love to select vintage embroideries and indigo dyed  hemp fabrics to upcycle into our crossbody bags, adding beads, tassels and bells for fun.

Textile artisans in remote villages have created exotic masterpieces for centuries using hand weaving, block printing, batik designs, natural plant dyeing, beading and colourful embroidery.  You can feel the texture and inbuilt energy of truly handmade textiles - that glow of energy in each piece of cloth.   If you want to find something truly unique, you won't find in the local shops or in the mainstream shopping centres. 

Boro stitch hemp fabric - Pallu Design

You can even make your own if you're crafty – we have a range of stunning vintage fabrics online! 

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If there is Someone Special you would like to remember with a handmade gift just to keep in touch or for a Special Day, remember that our online shop is open and we post to most countries with FREE SHIPPING within Australia.  
We can gift wrap and post your gift directly to them to add some cheer to their day!

Showcasing handmade fabrics to enhance your lifestyle while supporting textile artisans from the villages of the world.

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