5 Cool Ways To Wear A Scarf

Scarves are so awesome - you can wear yours in so many ways, but for that elegant appearance and to really display the beauty of your lovely scarf, simple is often the best!  Here are 5 cool examples, using some scarves from our handmade range sourced from creators who produce textile masterpieces in villages around the world.

Silk bandhani scarf - Pallu Design

1. The Simple Loop - sometimes called the European Loop

This scarf style can be worn close to the neck and under your coat on a cold day or wear it loose for a relaxed tropical look.  The loop can be in the centre or on either side.  (Silk Bandhani scarf)

 2. The Shawl or Wrap - elegant and warm

The soft drape of this scarf style works well in the summer to add vibrant colour to a simple outfit, or in the winter as an extra layer to keep you feeling snuggly.  (Silk Bandhani Wrap)

Silver silk taffeta bandani scarf - Pallu Design

3. The DIY Infinity Scarf - no stitching!

Join the ends of the scarf together with a simple, small knot to create your own DIY infinity scarf - no stitching required!  It works nicely with a large, elaborate scarf, but can be used for any scarf that will loop over your head twice. Don't forget to tuck the knot inside at the back.  (Silk bandhani scarf)

Hand woven woollen scarf - Pallu Design

4. The Soft Drape - it's really easy and looks classy  

Very simple, but especially cosy in a woollen scarf - simply drape it around you neck, then take another loop around, leaving the ends free to display your lovely tassels!  It's a great way to display the design of a long silk scarf.  (Hand woven organic wool)

Cobalt silk bandhani scarf - Pallu Design

5. The Faux Knot - not as difficult as it looks  

For this look you just drape the scarf around your neck leaving both ends free at the front.  Tie a loose knot in one side, then thread the other loose end through it, to give you a soft look that is not too bulky.  (Silk sari scarf)


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