The Colours of Mexico, Oilcloth and Bunting

Colour is everywhere in Mexico

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The street markets, costumes, food, gardens and festivals all vibrate with a million hues.  

Vivid colour seems to flourish in all aspects of life and is appreciated by everyone, the brilliant hues reverberating with the colours of nature - and somehow every colour seems to go with every other one!

Oranges and limes, ochre and cobalt painted walls, azure blue sky and red roses, bougainvillea and hibiscus ... delightful contrasts and harmonies are everywhere you look.

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Life in the Outdoors

Mexico is a country where living outdoors in the sub tropical climate is a natural choice.

Courtyards, gardens, thatched shelters and hammocks are all part of the living space and are decorated with lots of colour, folk art and texture. 

City plazas feature refreshing public fountains and gardens and feature Mexican artisanship in the form of decorative pottery and stonework.


So What is Mexican Oilcloth?

Mexican oilcloth bunting - Pallu Design

Mexican Oilcloth is a colourful, highly durable double coated vinyl fabric with a cotton scrim backing, made in Mexico. The ink is printed in the first coat of PVC, not onto the fabric backing. This is then coated with a clear layer of PVC, making the fabric strong and versatile, fade resistant and it wipes clean.

How to use Mexican Oilcloth

Mexican oilcloth Outdoor tablecloth - Pallu Design

In Mexico oilcloth is used in restaurants as tablecloths both outdoor or indoors because of its highly durable quality.  It is perfect for any application that requires an easy to clean surface. Think outdoor tablecloths, messy play, picnics and colourful outdoor bunting - oilcloth doesn’t fray, so no need to hem, just cut to size.

All About our Mexican Outdoor Bunting Flags

Mexican oilcloth bunting - Pallu Design

At Pallu Design our Outdoor Bunting is handmade - cut from colourful Mexican Oilcloth into triangular flags that are double sided and stitched onto a tough waterproof tape.  It is ready for you to hang up for your celebrations or in your garden, with ties at each end and is strong and durable.

Where can I use my Mexican bunting?

Outdoor bunting - Pallu Design

Bunting looks great and adds atmosphere and zesty colour to your garden – hang it from the fence, garden shed or your shade umbrella.  What about a summer garden party?

Use it for weddings, family events to brighten up a celebration, cubby house or kids party - make it a family tradition. You can hang it indoors or outdoors.

Beach bunting - Pallu Design

Colourful bunting attracts attention, sets a happy mood, defines an area and directs focus so is perfect for your school fete, sports events, trade shows, markets and festivals. Let your imagination run riot. 

Helping the Environment - Reuse!

At Pallu Design we care about the environment and like to upcycle and reuse products whenever possible to save on land fill. Here's where Mexican oilcloth fits right in, with its vibrant colours, easy-care cleaning and lifelong durability.  Reusable again and again!

See our range of Mexican Bunting and Outdoor tablecloths online.

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