Hand Weaving and Traditional Wisdom


The exotic aroma of new cotton, wood and leather emanates from the small workshop studio of ‘Hand by Boon’, nestled in the tropical landscape on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, the 'Creative City' that is enriched with culture.  Here in Chiang Mai the combination of natural resources, creative thinking and traditional wisdom produces an exciting variety of amazing, distinctive and creative arts.

Designed and created by the gentle and very talented Boontayee Charoenpoonsiri and her team of 12 skilled artisans for you to enjoy, their range of unique and eco-friendly bags and hand woven cushions is created from natural cotton and leather, brought together creatively and by hand.


The double spun cotton threads are prepared, dyed and dried here on site outside the studio in preparation for winding onto bobbins and the weaving process. Thousands of metres of thread are used for each length of fabric.

Winding the cotton threads onto spindles the right size for the loom is done by hand … as many tasks as possible are performed without the excess use of electricity to preserve the environment, something that is common amongst contemporary artisans in Chiang Mai.



Setting up the warp threads on the loom is a meticulous and time consuming task, overseen by a weaving master … in a space ventilated by natural cool breezes and surrounded by sunlight and Nature.

The rhythmic click-clack of the weaving looms accompanies us as Boon shows us around the eco friendly workshop - happy faces greet us at every stage. The mesmerizing sound and the wholesome scent of wood, fabric and leather combine to enhance our sensual experience in this earthy place.


Hand woven fabrics, natural leather and inspiring designs are combined to create contemporary and functional bags and cushions. Handbags feature delicate linings, leather piping and unique trims with lots of handy pockets to hold your treasures. Clasps are made of satiny wood and leather knots reminiscent of plant seeds feature on straps.


We get a real sense of the many hands that have wound, spun, dyed, woven, stitched and imparted love into each step of the designing and making process. These local artisans have expertise in their craft and a strong commitment to Boon’s eco friendly and environmental ethos. 


You will really enjoy this selection of contemporary and functional hand made bags and hand woven cushions - simple, elegant and distinctive. Cushions are fully hand woven and feature tassel trims created from the warp threads.  Hand bags are cleverly designed to be contemporary and practical while retaining a natural uniqueness. 



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