The True Magic of Bali

While there is a fantastic sense of relaxation when you lie back in your bean bag and watch the sun set over the Indonesian Ocean, there is SO much more to this South East Asian Gem ...


On our first long overseas travel in 1978 we planned to end our journey in Indonesia before returning to Australia.  However, after spending a year travelling overland across UK, Europe and Asia as far as Singapore, we couldn’t summon up that last bit of energy for the hop to Indonesia.

But we have finally made it to Bali now and it is still a paradise!


Bali may be anyone’s ideal laid-back holiday destination with its tropical ambience and tourist life in Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, and Ubud, but there is definitely more to discover. Bali and its friendly people offer something for everyone, if you make the time to find it. 


 Beyond the rice paddies on the edges of town and the infamous terraces of Ubud there are ancient, silent temples featuring lush and fragrant gardens that transport you to another world.


The daily offerings to the nature spirits in this largely Hindu island are a joy to behold and help to ensure that the place is looked after in a very caring way.  Fragrant flowers and incense become a special part of the morning ritual, reminding you of the island's rich and fascinating culture.


 In the villages you are surrounded by coconuts and bamboo - they are used for everything possible - nothing is wasted!  The rhythm of life is still relatively simple here, away from the bustle of the major tourist areas.


New Cotton Ikat Fabrics 

On our travels we searched out and found villagers creating delightful fabrics in both traditional and modern designs.   Indigo dyeing, batik and hand woven ikat textiles.  You will find new ikat fabrics in the shop!

 There will be more about the amazing ikat process another time...


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