DIY Boho Tips to Add Colour

Do you have a love for exotic fabrics? How do you feel to have beautiful fabrics, colours and textures in your home?  

For me they can bring comfort and lighten my mood in an instant!  Here are a few tips to mix them up and create some extra energy in your home, balancing them with organic elements, plants and lots of light for a true boho ambience.  Show your free spirit..

1. For natural simplicity - arrange some fresh flowers and foliage in a large vase or glass bottle OR bring a few pot plants inside to freshen the air in your home. Magnolias in vase - Blog - Pallu Design
2. Add texture with natural materials or woven fabrics.  Organic elements bring an extra energy into your home, that you won't get with synthetic fibres.  Fabric can be hung as a wall hanging: experiment with what you have around your house or garden. A clean, dry branch makes a perfect hanger - just tie some natural string on each end and you have a new artwork!
Hand made cushions and fabrics - Pallu Design
3. Use plenty of pillows and cushions - highlight the fancy patterns and textures of exotic, handmade textiles with some plain colours.  Mix up your cushion shapes and add some pompom and bead pillows for extra texture - make it fun!Handmade cushions and fabrics - Pallu Design

4. Be creative with what you have at hand and don't be afraid to mix colours and patterns.  Think of all the global bazaars - the mix of colour and pattern they create has an exciting and exotic vibe! Hang a selection from your scarf wardrobe onto a hat rack for some authentic colours.

5. Throw a handmade fabric runner over your bed or table.  Lash out for a new one in traditional fabrics and pom poms - lots of colour and texture! If an exotic fabric takes your eye, use it to brighten up your bedside table or office.Hmong fabric table runner - Pallu Design
6. Take your favourite tablecloth and tea set outside for some al fresco colour - make it a family picnic or an exotic tea party. Do your bit for the planet – use upcycled vintage fabrics AND save some space in the landfill. Maybe it’s time to invest in a new eco-friendly tablecloth?   Check our online range here.Hand made fabrics and afternoon tea - Pallu Design
7. Make it global - display your small or large finds from past travels to remind you of the Big World Outside and treasure the special memories you have made.  There are artisans creating wonderful textiles for your home. Make sure that you use colours that you love and resonate with to help you relax or to give you an energetic boost.  
Boho Decor Blog - Cat in the sun - Pallu Design

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